FaceGuard combines password management with permission marketing.

Permission Marketing. A marketing technique that requires the approval of the customer. Permission marketing aims to create an audience with a high interest level by sending certain types of marketing information only to those who have specifically requested it.

FaceGuard is an innovative promotional investment up to 30 times more cost effective than advertising. Beginning at $2,000.00 for an entire year, our exclusive partners enjoy superb exposure, positive association in their area, an ever-growing cumulative audience, and sharper, online customers using secure passwords. A FaceGuard Partner locks in their non competitive position within the app delivering password protected access to web site, phone, GPS, email, and SMS as well as owning the cover of the fastest growing media in the world for life. A Partner's commitment to digital security earns appreciation throughout the community. FaceGuard's up to the minute, interactive, encrypted messaging empowers patrons to tell a Partner's story via a conversation starter assuring positive word of mouth. Chains can out spend -- interrupting and annoying for short term attention. FaceGuard Partners provide the fun, free, unforgettable and fast password manager needed today... plus friendly faces and a welcome message seen dozens of time daily.