Google turns on default adblocker within Chrome

Users of latest Chrome browser on Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Android will have some of most intrusive types of ads blocked automatically as announced by the Guardian today (02/15/18).  Translated what it means is that Google will extend its grip on advertising. According to Chris Bentzel, engineering manager for Chromium “Our goal is not to filter any ads at all but to improve the experience for all web users”. Improving the experince is Orwellian double-speak for Google control over what people see when they browse the Internet. It’s pure speculation that Google profits from their online hegemony.

There is a much more effective tool available for free. It’s called “uBlock Origin“. Unlike Google’s deceptive malarkey about how they are “improving the experience”, uBlock Origin removes all ads; period. Enjoy the Internet as originally intended: free of pop ups, pop unders, pop overs and even the silent sleaze slithering onto pages in the form of fake news or rigged content.  It’s like seeing a film or just reading free of interruption; very refreshing not to be forced to look around the garbage.

The real issue is the advertising industry is desperate. They insist on the right to subject Internet users to their effluvia. It makes no difference to them that you may have no interest in what they’re hawking. They’ve always made fat profits from hustling irrelevant messages to a captive audience and they’ll be darned if they’ll stop even if they are universally loathed. Result: over 11% of internet users are estimated to be using an ad blocker already.

News flash: permission marketing takes an entirely fresh tact that is literally quite welcome. Consumers voluntarily – even excitedly – opt-in to stay in touch with people they like. Sound crazy?  It’s not. Let’s take something as theoretically bland as ‘socks’. Reality is, “Thorlos” (a small company in Statesville, NC) creates a very impressive sock. Whether you are young and active outdoors or a senior diabetic, Thorlos has carefully designed a sock to serve your needs. They’re not cheap at full retail – quality rarely is. But if a person is wise enough to opt to hear from Thorlo on occasion (they don’t abuse the privilege), opportunities appear throughout the year for loyal customers to own these extraordinary garments with amusing offers.  Red socks for Valentine’s Day?  Why not… your spouse or significant other will think of you fondly every time they slip them on. And if you love yourself, Thorlos make a wonderful gift for you too.

An advertiser could shove a banner before you in a browser with the identical presentation. 99.9% of the public will be uninterested. Now then, consider if you already own Thorlos and know how excellent they are? Their contact with you because you invited them to share new developments is pure fun and actually appreciated. Stomp out offensive ads.