Sharing business affiliation, contact data and credentials in addition to providing a memorable free premium is easy with FaceGuard. Tap the share arrow in the upper left corner of any list of Destinations, key in the recipient’s email address… and you’re done.


When received, your message contains a download link for the FaceGuard app. Click or tap and the correct version will be installed on your recipient’s device. Your affiliated web site will occupy the # 1 position in Popular Destinations plus your contact info will be installed automatically and your photo added to Familiar Faces. The only step needed is the user’s creation of a username and passcode for the business portal – and that’s easily accomplished with FaceGuard.

You’ve now established a secure channel for private messaging, exclusive opportunities and expedited response. Moreover, you’ve opened the door to associated presentation within FaceGuard. Both parties benefit from affiliation in a non competitive, vicarious endorsement environment.

Conventions and events are more impressive by the use of FaceGuard as a free premium to share with prospects. The attendee just provides or authorizes their email address.  Not unlike FaceGuard as a digital business card,  FaceGuard’s password manger appears on their preferred device. FaceGuard daily displays your key information in addition to its instant practical benefit as an unforgettable promotional piece/business card and lasting much longer than pens, paper or plastic.


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