Imagine an online “artist’s colony” with a focus on commercial opportunity as well. Consider a single, easily accessed, coordinated gathering including the local symphony, choral society, theater group, museum, planetarium, film appreciation fans, writers series, chamber group, potters, poets, painters, music and mentors, etc  There is no specific hierarchy; the list impartially reflects when the entity began participating.

One benefit via FaceGuard is there’ll finally be a contemporary media platform with all up to date community educational and entertainment activity. Web sites work, but they’re passive promotion and must be specifically sought out by a potential patron. Broadcast and print reach segments – but not necessarily the right prospects for the arts. FaceGuard’s opt-in, permission messaging to mobile devices is an advantage for both originators and recipients when planning events and participation.

Cross promotional options are limited only by imagination. A community theater can share audience with a writers series as smoothly as a symphony or film society. The key innovation is awareness is now at your fingertips. Too many times, a theoretically interested party may not learn of an event until after it’s over. With FaceGuard, a discreet message keeps everyone informed in advance and even reminds them again before the actual start time.

Additionally, FaceGuard’s secure connection assures safe ticket sales and reservations. Even better, tremendous savings are achieved since participants avoiding the expense of an app while gaining the huge value of being on the most seen media in the world .

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