This is Tom


Click/tap the text above titled Tom.  The video demonstrates the advantage of FaceGuard and recognizing familiar faces to authenticate your identity — rather than trying to recall the odd combinations of upper and lower case letters, plus number and symbols needed for a password.  At only sixty (60) seconds, the video is missing the in-depth explanation that no single face correlates to any specific web site or app. And it would take too long to document how simply being able to spot friends or family members is all that’s required for you to authenticate you. Realistically, by choosing carefully when importing familiar faces for yourself, you virtually guarantee you’re the only person in the world who will know who’s who— even when there are multiple images of the same person.

Moreover, if you’re like most people, you enjoy many, many faces you recognize on sight. At last count, even a software developer ensconced in an office hour after hour still easily recalls hundreds of characters from life at a glance — even when those friend’s and family member’s faces are surrounded by other people of the same age and style.

Kudos to Ed Orozco, Head Of Product Design at Wander Agency, Los Angeles, CA for a truly brilliant implementation of FaceGuard’s foundation concept.

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