With the exception of a new business, most have current customers. It’s normal for anyone who has made a choice of one entity as opposed to another to seek reassurance they’ve made the right decision. ‘Selection’ and ‘service’ are frequently mentioned key factors when justifying –  although there can be intangibles like operating hours or tangential factors as where parking is important. The important observation is generating repeat purchases and referrals are more likely from consumers who know and like a business. Interestingly, the new people who visit from a recommendation are often  similar in life style to those folks who already believe.

The easiest way to encourage financial growth is to stay in touch. Far too many don’t. It’s very easy with FaceGuard’s permission marketing platform. It’s also much more realistic to anticipate a return on investment when contacting existing customers. Buying short-term attention with traditional media is expensive and often must be combined with a manufactured, fake discount.  Along those lines, email is usually perceived as intrusive spam because it’s ineptly directed messaging to the wrong gender, age group, or ethnicity. It’s abusing the consumer’s invitation to communication with insultingly improper offers, hard sell interruptions and too frequent contact. Imagine a friendship: it would be fatal to the relationship to attempt to deceive. You might fool someone with a misleading opportunity once, but the real cost could be the permanent loss of a customer. Moreover, disgruntled individuals are inclined to share their dissatisfaction since after placing faith in a business they’ll feel betrayed to learn they’re so disrespected.

Instead, invest in non-offensively acquiring consumer’s preferences. Even small insights, if they pertain to the user experience, are valuable. Think beyond the obvious. Consider lateral/cross promotion with others in the community. The idea of timely, ‘drip’ contact misses the most important element: just because a business has the ability to reach out does not assure the message will be appreciated unless real sensitivity is part of the creation. Never scatter shout; that’s not what a friend does. Share genuine enthusiasm for the opportunity. Consumers will appreciate the considerate notice.