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“… Whereas Samsung’s Galaxy S8 forced users to choose between face recognition (which works best in well-lit environments) and iris…

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iPhone Vulnerability?

Forbes: Can the Feds unlock ANY iPhone? Probably not… but to be prudent, Sophos recommends… “Patch early, patch often. This…

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                The “Cover” – also referred to as a Privacy screen – serves two purposes.…

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Paul Ducklin from Sophos Fifteen minutes of wisdom – both why and how.  Watch and notice the recommendation for a…

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Bio-Metric Panacea

The use of “What You Are” Authentication is intriguing both for it’s innovative technology and the ‘ease of use’ premise.…

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Dating Site For Dummies

Sadly, this is true. Sophos posted their wise perspective about the phishing site — but it’s pretty certain more than…

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