What We’ve Been Sharing


The three main authentication factors were discussed previously: What You Know, What You Have, What You Are, plus the FaceGuard…

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Partner Advantages # 1:

Users benefit from Partners… how do Partners complete the circle? Two innovative paths begin the process: 1) FaceGuard is free…

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Free or Fee?

There’re 2 ways to own FaceGuard. Free Forever Courtesy of a Participating Partner or Password Manager/Privacy Protection/Lock Screen with No Participating…

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Cognition Check

Within a surprisingly brief time following the FaceGuard Guide to gathering familiar faces, you may happily notice you’ve added hundred and…

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Sharing: Faces

Sharing a face with others is easy and fun. If you have in-common friends and certainly within a family, sending…

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The Game

While waiting at an airport… or in a doctor’s office, or for a tardy business associate, a thought occurred that…

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