An interesting and amusing approach available with FaceGuard’s FaceChallenge is try to recall the name of the person when you tap/click their face. For close family members and current friends or colleagues, the mental task is easy. But when you see the portrait of a favorite faculty hero from your High School yearbook, can you also promptly think of their name? Or let’s use that same yearbook as the source of a dozen or so Picture Day photos and test your cognitive skills recollecting the full name of the individuals.

There’s no shame in being mistaken. You’ve just used FaceGuard as a quick examination of your ability to conjure up the name that goes with the face. Most of us fall victim to the cliche “I remember your face but I don’t recall your name“.  If you notice a decline that is suddenly more pronounced, you may wish to schedule a visit to your physician.  More than likely, the diagnosis will be greater stress than usual; the symptoms will clear soon.

That said, using this simple experiment every so often can be revealing. It’s also a fun exercise to keep you sharp. Something else occurs when searching through memories to access the name which goes with the face… the person in the portrait becomes a stimulus to related events and individuals.


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