Inevitable and overdue. Hijacking the Internet to shove unwanted images and text in front of users was pathetic. Good riddance to bad rubbish

Chrome Blocks Ads

Google is playing catch-up this time as Apple released ad blocking built-in to Safari already. And Mozilla’s Firefox natively supports Ublock Origin… leaving only browsers with minimal market share still facilitating unethical advertisers.

Of course, there will be loopholes and workarounds so the unscrupulous can continue spewing the unwanted.

A fascinating article recently documented beyond the end of outmoded media (TV, newspapers, radio, magazines, etc) to expose an inherent weakness of advertising itself when the literate discover and decide for themselves. Not unlike the costly revelation Internet banner ads are only clicked by bored shut-ins, and late night television shines its light on unemployed insomniacs… conventional advertising is left to manipulate society’s slower folks and those who haven’t figured out how to skip the commercials.

Like land lines, the Yellow Pages and junk mail, it’s true odd sales people will find people who’ll waste money, but even the truly naive eventually realize they’re being exploited.

The beauty of permission marketing is it’s welcome. Those who want to be informed about their FaceGuard Partners are also likely the best consumers. They’re also nearly always the ones delighted to share their positive experiences with friends and family and even total strangers. FaceGuard opt-in platform is a converatition starter guaranteeing positive word of mouth.

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