Within a surprisingly brief time following the FaceGuard Guide to gathering familiar faces, you may happily notice you’ve added hundred and hundreds photos of friends and family. Since you’re encouraged to include people you recognize though they may be far away or in the past, an opportunity exists to play a brain game. Many of us are vastly better at remembering faces than names. That’s part of FaceGuard’s power. Names are not so quickly recalled… and a test for mental acuity you can choose to assure ‘wicked good’ sharpness. That was testing to see if memory could deliver a colloquialism from lo those many years ago in New England.

Similarly, when a known person randomly appears in a FaceChallenge, can you rapidly place a name with the face? The strategy isn’t to gain points or achieve the best score (there’s another place in FaceGuard for that), rather it is to provide you with insight as to how you are doing. Sometimes you may merely be distracted. Most days you’ll astonish yourself with your astute awareness. Then again… you may occasionally fear the onset of Alzheimer’s (most likely a mis diagnosis as you may simply be tired).

It is time to take note and seek a professional opinion if repeated attempts seem to reveal a decline in cognitive skills. You may discover the condition is nothing more alarming that a need for more beets and kale in your diet.  Give it a try. The  “Check Up” is free and conveniently at the end of your fingers. Just navigate to “Album Share”. It’s a good place to start but with a quick caveat: some faces you’ll recognize with ease but may have never known their name. In the example screen capture, a dozen names accompany faces promptly. The other four I know on sight but would have to finesse an in-person encounter by discreet inquiry of their name.


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