What if I need help creating a new Destination? Email: 

We’re happy to assist. Usually we can simply create a temporary account to set up all the steps for you. We’ll then send you a self contained file. Import it, add your login and passcode and you’re all set. We do ask that you allow us to share the steps (not your login or password, of course) so others may make their life easy too should they visit the same Destination. You can earn points and accolades or be anonymous as you like. You must be a Registered FaceGuard user to submit or access Destinations files.

Essential information required:
What is the exact URL (web site address)?
Are there multiple access pages? (a page for username/login or email address and another for password?
Some web sites include other elements like answering a personal question or finding a visual pattern of letters or numbers.
Does access require a username/login – or – an email address? Please specify:
~ Username/login (this can be a number or other alphanumeric code)
~ Email address
Does the web site require a password of a specific length?
How many characters?
Does the web site require a password with BOTH upper and lowercase letters?
Does the web site require a password with numbers?
Does the web site require a password with symbols? If so, what are the acceptable symbols?
Does the web site require a fee or special qualifications?

We do not want your username/login or email address. We do not want your password. Do NOT send!

We offer an option for Registered FaceGuard users to add the most popular FIVE HUNDRED (500) pre-crafted Destinations including banks, shopping and social sites, etc. All that’s necessary for you  to do is to select your choices and they’ll download and install to the FaceGuard application your device. Simple Sync will keep all your devices coordinated.