The goal of adding an image is to complete the process such that the photo doesn’t draw attention to itself through careless cropping.  White bars anywhere other than naturally occurring as an integral part of the pose are an immediate and obvious flaw. It is true some photos are a challenge. Candidly, if they are severely improperly cropped, consider not using them. The good news is all but the worst can be corrected with patience….

This is only available image of a pharmacist at a store patronized by a FaceGuard user.

When imported the odd cropping style of the original photo creates a challenge…


The white bars make the photo an attention grabbing oddity among other images.


The POSITION tools Zoom In – completely eliminating the aberrant white area…


With ENHANCE tools, the face is sharpened + brightness, saturation and hue adjusted…


Fit as a face in the crowd that’s instantly spotted by her FaceGuard customer.


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