“Really! Add a dozen familiar faces? I don’t know that many people!

Most of us actually recognize hundreds and hundreds of other humans from throughout our life. As to where to get their images, we’ve dedicated an entire blog post to that not so mysterious challenge.  The Fun of Finding Familiar Faces

Another question is “How long does it take to set up FaceGuard?”  That’s more difficult to determine. Empirical testing with people all over the world averages less than a minute per photo to import it, position it perfectly, enhance it so it’s just right and move on to the next image.

Evidence then is in less than 15 minutes, nearly every sighted individual on earth should be able to satisfy the needed initial familiar faces for FaceGuard authentication. The GUIDE virtually guarantees if followed, most people will pass a hundred in a day or so.

Then what happens? Each user will need to add the Destinations they visit frequently. There’s a set of 500 of the highest ranking web sites available on FaceGuard’s web site.
Import the ones you want.  You’ll need to add your existing credentials as we can’t know your data nor do we pretend we can somehow successfully scrape it off your screen. In fact, any site permitting such a stunt or any product making claims of magic should be distrusted.  Reality is, in most instances with FaceGuard, you’ll just key in your username and password one final time and you’re all set. You won’t need it again.

Here’s where we need to pause to consider the real change and awesome advantage with FaceGuard. As the promise states: “Forget Passwords… Recognize Familiar Faces“. It’s fact you’ll never need to remember another password. FaceGuard will do that for you as well as store your credentials on your device in a military-spec encrypted database. Your unique credentials will usually even be keyed in for you.

But what FaceGuard does that others don’t is you never think about passwords again in your life. Instead, with every access you recall memories. Each time you tap a face to authenticate, you’re also releasing emotions.You flash through a space time connection to when you were last with that person: what you were doing, and why their face is unforgettable.

If that sounds like hype, our surveys confirm it’s not. FaceGuard users confess they no more care about  passwords than the man in the moon. But every time they access a protected site, they see a faces or faces from their life.

There’s the fellow who mentioned an uncle in another part of the country who, when he appears in FaceGuard, is always a soft smile and a memory of fishing trips. And there is the young lady… she spoke of her sister that moved away after marriage and is missed every day. Or a parent who has passed… or a grandchild who is a beloved familiar face among strangers. That’s where FaceGuard really lives: in hearts and minds. Strings of letters, numbers and symbols — naked passwords — no matter how complex or silly or cute are tedious input to a machine; more often embarrassing and frustrating. The face of a boy is an entire life ahead at the time as well as the fascinating journey travelled.


Jim Steinman wrote the lyrics “It’s all coming back to me now”. John Lennon and the Beatles are paraphrased as

“There are faces I remember – All my life though some have changed…
Some forever, not for better – Some have gone and some remain…
All these faces have their moments – With lovers and friends I still can recall…
Some are dead and some are living – In my life I’ve loved them all.”

FaceGuard is the faces of your life.

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