There’re 2 ways to own FaceGuard. Free Forever Courtesy of a Participating Partner

Password Manager/Privacy Protection/Lock Screen with No Participating Partner.

We were convinced to make this choice available because some people love staying in touch with a preferred Partner while others want their app sans seeing anything else.
Our original concept was users acquiring FaceGuard free from a web site registration located adjacent to a Partner’s login portal. Our logic was that’s when most realize they’ve forgotten the required password. Rather than ever suffer embarrassment or frustration again, they’d simply download the free FaceGuard app. Many, many did.

Then we encountered a few folks who said they rather pay a fee than host even a single Partner. While genuinely surprised, we promptly reconsidered. We also met with other developers from the same mindset outlined in  Free: The Future of a Radical Price by TED Founder, Chris Anderson. The one constant was if not Free, then opt for Freemium to keep the investment reasonable and comfortable. OK: Free and Freemium are options.

However, those who wished for a pristine FaceGuard must also be respected. We studied other password managers/locks screens – especially competitors. After carefully scrutinizing the somewhat deceptive offers, most averaged out to $30.00 annually. So we settled on $29.92 — a palindromic string of numbers as well as a consensus figure.

Should we have said .99¢? We’d have filed for bankruptcy simultaneously.  A race to the bottom means no consumer support and/or future improvements.  Besides, most everyone agrees the cost of getting hacked is much greater than $2.50 a month. Moreover, the FaceGuard Free Forever  option is always available: Add a Partner.

So what could be the potential problem with a Partner? What if you take the Free offer but then decide you actually don’t like the Partner’s product(s) or services(s). Pretend you chose the local sports franchise  – but then they hit an historic losing streak! Changing is easier than turning in a T-Shirt. Tap a different Partner and remove the now unpopular Partner. It’s that easy. In a few seconds, you’re showing the love for your new first choice.

The Enhancement Options are electives you may wish to have — but are not essential. Every feature is available another way or can be acquired for under $2.99, $1.99, $ .99 or as a courtesy reward for accomplishing some simple task like importing more familiar faces. Have a glance at the FaceGuard Menu. There’re are some tasty treats…


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