Of course, wise merchants have been making sales 24/7 because they’ve extended their  business community online! Stores are now convenient and safe shopping destinations for local folks as well as visitors from around the world.

Pew Research reports 79% of Americans currently shop via the Internet. Convenience, cost, and selection are claimed as the key factors in favor of digital purchasing.  So, innovative FaceGuard Partners are giving consumers a first choice to shop their digital hometown instead of losing buyers to a Google search. This new approach isn’t limited to tourist attractions. Every cleaver community can make themselves a unique Destination with minimal investment.

FaceGuard provides the marketing tool where locals mutually increase revenue and referrals. As opposed to being lost among millions of web vendors, FaceGuard’s Android, Apple and Windows apps place neighborhood merchants at customer’s fingertips; always a safe, shared space for neighborhood e-commerce.

When consumers are provided with a positive, secure experience, they’re comfortable shopping in a digital neighborhood. Moreover, every commercial entity benefits from affiliated endorsement and a base of shared consumers.

Let’s say each of the 100 local outlets enjoys 10 loyal customers using FaceGuard. That’s 999 prospective shoppers in the online community. Of course, a store with only 10 customers is unlikely. So consider 100 consumers per business employing FaceGuard. Revenue and referral potential jumps to 10,000 individuals exposed to each online presence. Dozens of daily impressions guarantee becoming familiar, inviting brands. And unlike email ‘spam’ or screen stealing interruption, FaceGuard’s facilitated opt-in communication means each Partner is welcome to stay in touch sharing new items, services and opportunities. FaceGuard delivers a secure, private channel to customers while eliminating the expense of developing and maintaining a costly app.

To grow sales by reaching Millennials, mobile is essential. Surprisingly, there is actually an astonishing appeal to the ‘mature’ demographic as well as they too appreciate the convenience. After all, these are the same children who grew up being urged to let their fingers do the walking.  FaceGuard assures an entire community is safely and conveniently in consumer’s hands 24/7.

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