… so called because they were the nostalgia, memories, and special times recalled merely by seeing an image. The Eastman Kodak Company of Rochester, NY understood their customers weren’t buying film; they were capturing emotions. Of course, there was a mechanism — a camera focused light on a chemically sensitive surface. But only exceptionally detail oriented individuals cared about the inner workings. The vast majority of people taking ‘snapshots’ just wanted a picture that represented a person in a time and space. Then, like now, nearly half of all frames were of friends or family members. What has changed are the numbers. In 2017 alone, 1.2 TRILLION digital photos were easily added to galleries thanks to cell phones. Most everyone today has a more powerful camera in their hands than the most expensive, dedicated photographic device of the Kodak era. And the sophistication of modern models from Apple and Android all but guarantee crisp lighting and focus for even novice users.

What required no new technology was the motivation to memorialize those moments with friends and family; just as zero explanation is necessary to understand the impact of images. When FaceGuard displays a FaceChallenge, part of the fun is the assurance the screen will deliver the modern version of a Kodak Moment. Every time, what was described as “surprise and delight” occurs. Sure, FaceGuard is a password manager and lockscreen and account organizer for web sites and apps, but the most enchanting aspect is an end to the pain in the posterior of passwords — in favor of the pleasure of secure access by experiencing the familiar faces of emotional connection.

A business owner can provide FaceGuard to consumers and employees alike – confident they’ll appreciate replacing the tedious letters, numbers and symbols of the password age with the welcome innovation of spotting the unforgettable faces of their friends and family members.