FaceGuard extends the digital yearbook to a practical password manager application. And it’s personal; everyone’s FaceGuard is truly unique since each user’s familiar faces reflect their circle of favored classmates.

The process: photos of the graduating class are imported into FaceGuard’s LookALikes. From there, it’s easy for each user to slide their specific images of close friends into Familiar Faces. And the camouflage is superb: each era’s graduation pictures tend to have a consistent look and feel as a result of popular trends in hair styles and clothing. When a school opts for a standardized, more traditional photography setup with a fixed backdrop, the visual efficiency translates to a real focus on the graduate.

Of course, FaceGuard still supplies and updates the four hundred (400) CORE faces assuring an age, gender, and ethnically balanced base. The benefit: every user can add images of family and friends not in the graduating class. Depending on the state and class photo participation, the number of students receiving their sheepskin and senior pictures seems to average two hundred plus (200+) each year. Accordingly, just by adding graduate photos, the “crowd” of strangers in FaceGuard’s background consists of six hundred (600) faces.

Consider the application beyond graduation. Within a short time, all but those faces selected for Familiar will be a fading memory as high school seniors continue on to college or the workplace. Years later, the FaceGuard owner will recall some of the LookALike photos as former classmates. The digital yearbook will still be valuable as privacy protector and password manager. Unlike a printed version placed on a shelf, FaceGuard’s digital yearbook will be seen daily eliciting memories for a lifetime.

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