Users benefit from Partners… how do Partners complete the circle? Two innovative paths begin the process:

1) FaceGuard is free to everyone who chooses a Participating Partner – whether directly as a download from the Partner or selected as a Partner via the FaceGuard web site.

2) Partners are seen dozens of times each day – by every user – in a non intrusive display. Digital devices have supplanted TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, outdoor, email and virtually all interruption based advertising – even faux content, gamed rankings and rigged reviews on the Internet.

What works today is Permission Marketing where users opt-in to stay up-to-date because a trusted Partner provides timely information – never a blatant sales pitch or artificial incentives.

Reality: no one swallows a story that the “sale ends Saturday”. Nor do they buy a ludicrous deal of “50% off”. Even most children today are media savvy and know to beware of too enticing an offer.

The final blow to those plotting the use of AI (artificial intelligence) to manipulate people and drive sales is ad blockers are free for Android, Windows and iOS.  Safari not only stops ads, Apple killed corporate tracking.

FaceGuard creates a beneficial feedback. Deceiving a user is unwise when the user can permanently remove the Partner. Sharing carefully chosen opportunities is smart. Simply stated, a positive platform reinforces trust and increases confidence in Partners.

The user selects their Partner thus ensuring all communication is only what they really want to see. Even more advantageous, the Partner’s message can reach all – or a precise subset of – enthusiastic end users.

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