Sharing a face with others is easy and fun. If you have in-common friends and certainly within a family, sending selected photos from your FaceGuard to their FaceGuard helps them build a base of familiar folks. Should they not recognize someone you share, they simply move them to the ‘LookALike’ section.

The magic is accomplished with Album Share. Just tap the people the intended recipient might know. When the face is selected, a green checkmark will appear in the lower right corner. Choose as many as you want. When you’re satisfied you have an excellent set to share, tap the cloud arrow at the bottom left of the panel. You’ll be asked if you wish to send the file. When you approve, as a safeguard, you’ll be displayed the file name and your intention to send will be confirmed. Tap SEND again. A code displays for your correspondent. Text it. Call them and tell them. Or e-mail the six numeric characters.

Your recipient will have ten (10) minutes to Open their Gallery and Import the faces. With Android and Windows, the entire process is a few simple taps. Apple sends/exports the same way but the Import is in compliance with iOS standards and necessitates more steps. Please note: FaceGuard transmits the file via the Internet. The package is doubly encrypted as well as digitally destroyed after the ten minutes. Candidly, the faces themselves are relatively useless if intercepted and (somehow) unencrypted as they have no identifying data and do not contain information about the sender or receiver.

What those shared faces do is almost always generate appreciation. And don’t forget to include your own unforgettable countenance. While you’re at it, share your face with FaceGuard so anyone in the world can enjoy your image. You’ll become world famous… anonymously.

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