The hidden pleasure of FaceGuard is locating photos of family and friends. The fun occurs both when initially gathering the images and when using those same known faces to authenticate your identity.

FaceGuard provides an on screen, in-app Guide so it’s easy to know who to look for and where to find them. Importing can be done from online, a device gallery, another user of FaceGuard who wishes to share faces with you via the Internet, right from the camera… or even “on paper”. Virtually every smartphone is now a scanner with just the addition of a free app.

Get started by tapping Add A Face and taking advantage of the Guide hints…


Some might never realize how many people they know on sight. Example: the nurse or doctor who administer an annual injection is quite memorable. So is the regular host at a favorite restaurant. Usually a neighbor is instantly recognizable. Taking a picture when practical is very flattering to the subject since you can honestly tell them they’re unforgettable.

Going back to heirloom pictures – like a wedding or family reunion – assures a treasure of memorable faces. And you’re guaranteed those individuals are unforgettable when they next appear within a FaceGuard FaceChallenge.

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