While waiting at an airport… or in a doctor’s office, or for a tardy business associate, a thought occurred that investing the time to measure and maybe improve how quickly a FaceChallenge might be satisfied was better than being bored. There was a convoluted mechanism which could be employed — but for almost everyone, it’d be too tedious.

Instead, imagine a simple playing field providing immediate feedback. Some tricky tweaks enabled the FaceGuard panel for default settings to also function as a scoreboard of sorts with a whimsical implementation to be called…2017-12-12_16-43-51
Well, an idea of a ‘Challenge of FaceChallenges’ survived. The eyeSpeed name… not so much. (The font does suggest multiple eyes.) So how does it work and what’s the point(s)?

The four FaceChallenges are shown as oversized graphic images representing degrees of difficulty and resultant security. One has a slight green hue confirming its active. In the example, the 2  4×4 panels, each with 2 images was tapped so it’s ready. As mentioned in a previous post, 2.2 secs per face is an average recognition time. Therefore, the “4×4” FaceChallenge should time to 8.8 seconds. Speed varies; it’s tracked as well as calculated – we’d say “for amusement only” but that not quite true. Discussions of a monthly $5,000.00 prize for The Fastest Fingers in the World are underway. The decision of the judges is final, of course, and only the Box Score determines the winner.

Points and scoring details are included in the FaceGuard HELP file. The short version is you can’t win if you don’t play and, sorry, choosing 1 face in a 3×3 grid each round will guarantee a poor finish. The goal is a high Box Score but a low ACT (Average Cumulative Time) per face. But that’s only part of the path to victory. You must also have as many familiar faces as possible (100+) and take on the stronger (4×6) FaceChallenges.

There’s a log on the left recording each attempt.  You can start all over (sacrificing any points acquired) in the event you encounter a consistent stretch of incomparable clumsiness. Just long press the UNDO. A short tap will quickly wipe the last pass in the event of short term distraction.

Is this the most fun you can have on planet Earth? Probably not. But you can watch yourself improve and proudly display you’re faster than anyone else at Dunder Mifflin.

How do you feel about this topic? Please share your thoughts…

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