Defined as “the use or manipulation of statistics or figures, especially in support of an argument”, practitioners of dark math thrive anywhere there’s uncertainty. Which translates to extraordinary -albeit unethical – opportunity today.

Hessie Jones, Canadian co-author of “Evolve_ Marketing (^as we know it) is Doomed” makes a compelling and scientific argument the smoke and mirrors aspect of advertising metrics is (and has been) acknowledged by the more astute for decades. Whether a local print enterprise charging for pass-on readership in the 21st century or a planet spanning social media juggernaut conferring digital pixie dust on “Likes”, the lack of substantive ROI (Return On Investment) proves what’s being sold is fantasy.

“Must See TV” is now on the commercial-less HBO, NetFlix, Showtime and similar outlets. News viewers keep up-to-the-second current via smartphones and tablets that are soon ad free via Safari and Chrome. Televisions are cheaper than ever — but in about 2 years, nearly half the population of the world will own a smartphone. But that’s also only half the story.

Buying in bulk may be economic but there’s still massively seriously money wasted. So what if you reach 100% of females 18-49 in the world? How many OB/GYNs does any one woman in Wachesaw, Wisconsin want? Or perhaps there’s a deal delivering all males above 12. If selling shotguns, wouldn’t it be better to offer the latest over/under model just to gun enthusiasts?

The factual evidence is current customers account for a very sizable amount of recurring revenue. Those same friends are also the leading source of quality referrals. Maintaining a positive relationship is literally “mining your own gold”. No need to shout because they’re already listening.

FaceGuard’s permission platform means they’ve invited you to be their Partner. They want to be kept aware of what you are offering, how you are doing, and genuinely like showing their loyalty.  Buying attention is unnecessary. A Partner is seen dozens of times a day – never as an interruption but rather protecting their privacy and authenticating as well as thanking every successful login.

Can FaceGuard sell users by the millions? No. But we can assure every one of a Partner’s consumers a free opt-in tool to end their password hassles forever. That FaceGuard’s permission marketing platform is simultaneously a path to owning the cover of the fastest growing media in history is our evolution.