“If I lose my iPhone or someone steals my Android device, won’t they be able to get all my passwords?

No.  That’s the short answer. The theoretical thief or finder first has to get access. Unless you tap the right photos for them, how might they have any idea who you’ve selected as your familiar faces among strangers? FaceChallenges aren’t vulnerable to even the best password cracking algorithms — and there’s no master key nor hidden backdoor into FaceGuard. Moreover, the secure database protecting the names of your favorite web sites and apps, as well as the correct URLs (stops phishing attacks) plus unique user-names and passcodes — employs military strength encryption to thwart manual hacks.

FaceGuard automatically generates a daily backup synchronized to as many other devices you own as you care to designate. You’re covered by doing nothing.

True, you will suffer the indignity of replacing your old iPhone or Android tablet – but that’s why you buy cheap insurance; including most homeowners’s policies.

Get your hands on the newest model device you crave, download a fresh FaceGuard app from your applicable online store, install the FaceGuard safety backup and voilà!  Your web sites, familiar faces, LookALikes you added, plus your authenticating credentials are all right back. Total, other than purchasing replacement plastic ware, the entire process completes in less than a minute.

The old hardware is useless. It can be wiped clean and restored to the factory defaults – but fears of losing anything would be a great fuss made of something insignificant; more poetically known as Much Ado About Nothing. You even automatically re-establish your preferred privacy screen covers for FaceGuard; including the bard himself should you be so literally inclined.

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