Reddit twin

Too often hackers are able to fool unsuspecting users by relying on click bait or digital slight of hand.  The latest revelation (just in time for Valentine’s Day 2018) is if someone isn’t careful, they’ll access what they believe is the very popular Reddit web site — only to be tricked onto its nefarious clone.

That scam can’t occur with FaceGuard.

Click or tap the listing for Reddit inside FaceGuard and the user is safely delivered to the correct URL for Reddit — as opposed to a fraudulent Reddit copy established to rip off a normal web browser.

Sometimes the fake is easy to spot. Years ago, if someone typed in, the link took them to a porn site. Politicians prior to  the current occupant were accused of many things, but none were associated with pornography. It turns out the real on-line address for Republicans and Democrats in the Oval Office is

In haste, it’s very easy to type in or click on the wrong Internet address. Similar scams have taken advantage of misspellings, missing letters, and misunderstandings to trap innocent people. That’s why its wise to store the intended URL in FaceGuard one time so FaceGuard can guarantee you arrive at your Destination safely and securely, correctly logged in a ready to be entertained or educated.

PS: If the user is judicious in their selection of sub-reddits displayed when browsing Reddit, the site that likes to call itself “ the front page of the internet” can be very interesting and amusing. A good tip: customize so only topics of interest appear. If left unfiltered, what is sometimes popular on Reddit can be shocking. Its not all kitties.

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