The design of FaceGuard is intended to solve two problems.

  • FaceGuard is a fun, free, unforgettable and fast password manager.
  • FaceGuard features your choice of Protecting Partner on the Cover.

  • FaceGuard flips authentication from what you know (a password) to who you know (familiar faces). Our motivation is most people can't remember random letters, numbers and symbols. However, the brain has an extraordinary ability to recognize emotionally connected faces. We use that advantage. Spot the known face among strangers. There's nothing to learn; yet almost impossible for a hacker.

  • Equally simple, allow you to choose who is on the cover of FaceGuard. The screen you see when your device awakes --- slide it up. Authenticate. Access. No annoying ads. Rather, a partner protecting you from unauthorized access. Conveniently just touch to visit a web site. Your password is supplied. Or directly dial their phone or display GPS directions to a partner location - and all in a protected app.

The best news: FaceGuard never sees your faces or added Destinations. Nothing's in the cloud. There's no master password to lose, forget or be stolen. Everything is on your device. If you're seeking an easy and secure solution, consider FaceGuard.


Ekaterina Potienko

Ekaterina Potienko is a graduate of Kharkiv University in Ukraine. She subsequently earned a Masters degree from Louisiana State University (LSU) in Baton Rouge, LA. Katya also attended the University of Illinois. and served as an intern at the World Bank.

Robert Hedin

Robert Hedin has been working as a self-employed software developer since 1994 when he and an associate created the first Windows based electronic medical records program. Prior to that, Bob represented dbc's medical accounting program after owning an FM radio station in New Mexico.

Richard Barton, MD

Richard Barton, MD is an OB/GYN in Illinois. He has been an active participant in software development with Bob and Katya for many years. Dr Barton is an avid and insightful user of technology as well as being well versed in genealogy. He is also a successful entrepreneur, devoted family man, and father.