Opening ‘How To’ Included With The App…
Introduction to the ease of use of adding faces and Destinations.

FaceGuard's 3 Minute Security Saga… An Overview of Advantages.

Forget Passwords… Recognize Familiar Faces!
Concise Explanation and Demonstration in thirty seconds.

Why Faces For FaceGuard…

"Adding Desktop & Mobile URLs"


Registration Advantages

"Bonus Face Challenge Cleverness"


"Explaining Face Challenges"


"Destination Details Advantages"


"Group Editor Abilities"


"Personalized Cover Screens"


"Adding Participating Partners"


"Improving Detail of Familiar Faces"


"Exchanging Faces"


"ID Credit Cards Guide"


"Using Copy and Paste with an app when applicable"


"Using Cameras to Capture Faces"


" Internet Import of Faces"


FaceGuard - Faces You Know Manage your Passwords