The design of FaceGuard is intended to solve two problems.

    • FaceGuard is a fun, free, unforgettable and fast password manager.
    • FaceGuard features your choice of Protecting Partner on the Cover.
    • FaceGuard flips authentication from what you know (a password) to who you know (familiar faces). Our motivation is most people can’t remember random letters, numbers and symbols. However, the brain has an extraordinary ability to recognize emotionally connected faces. We use that advantage. Spot the known face among strangers. There’s nothing to learn; yet almost impossible for a hacker.
    • Equally simple, allow you to choose who is on the cover of FaceGuard. The screen you see when your device awakes — slide it up. Authenticate. Access. No annoying ads. Rather, a partner protecting you from unauthorized access. Conveniently just touch to visit a web site. Your password is supplied. Or directly dial their phone or display GPS directions to a partner location – and all in a protected app.

The best news: FaceGuard never sees your faces or added Destinations. Nothing’s in the cloud. There’s no master password to lose, forget or be stolen. Everything is on your device. If you’re seeking an easy and secure solution, consider FaceGuard.

We believe in video guides to assist in learning the FaceGuard app. If you have any questions at all about How To Use FaceGuard, please email the address on the Contact page. We guarantee a personal response and answer within 72 hours or less. In an emergency, phone: (828) 396-4229