Have you ever forgotten a password? FaceGuard ends that hassle forever. Instead of memorizing letters, numbers and symbols, FaceGuard is an easy to use system where who you know is the key.

Forget passwords; recognize familiar faces!

Here’s how it works. We provide a guide to gathering familiar faces. You load a dozen or more of your favorite photos to get started. The next time you visit a site you’ve secured, FaceGuard displays a random set of faces. One of your personal choices is in the crowd of strangers. Of course, it’s easy for you to spot a close friend from senior class or a cousin from across the country; but it’s nearly impossible for a hacker.

That’s all there is to it. You tap correctly – FaceGuard inserts your username and password. You’ve ‘authenticated’ because no one else knows all the faces from your life. You prove you’re you by Who You Know. It’s great fun. And folks share they love recalling faces rather than keying access codes.

Ready to get started?

FaceGuard - Faces You Know Manage your Passwords